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Port Saint Lucie, Florida

Welcome to my Web site!

Well,  I will be adding new features and area's of interest....Stay tuned and visit often.

Photo Album

Look at my new online photo album filled with pictures from Family events, vacations, sporting events, travel locations, different houses and cars that the family has had.

The "NEW" homestead in Keerbergen, Belgium, address, location, info

        Kristina's  Photo Album for May & June 2009 in Belgium



Want to see the best Hollywood Impala SS car chase scene?  Rent the movie CRANK to see the complete movie but here is a clip (Rated R):

       Impala SS Windows Media (24k)


Countries Visited in the last few years:

France    Belgium   Afghanistan   Germany 

Turkey    Kazakhstan  Kyrgyzstan  England

United Arab of Emirates   Czech Republic

Netherlands   Italy


Countries scheduled to be visited in 2009:

 Portugal   Iceland   Greece   Norway



This is a area that I have created which has pictures and small video clips.

Some will make you smile others may even offend you....my take...too bad...you clicked on it..

Come on out and see the funny stuff......





Best to reach me at the following:

Stella "The Duck"

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Buddy's little Stop-Drop-And-Roll

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Buddy the Escape Artist




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